Jim McCormick + Spencer Bohren + Alex McMurray + Paul Sanchez


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Write Brothers In Concert!


Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021
Click HERE for tickets...
On Saturday January 23 at 7pm CST The Write Brothers are having a CD release party. At YOUR house! It's a performance we videotaped at B Mac's not too long ago we are streaming on YouTube. All the songs from our new release "Into The Sky"! Plus Jim, Paul and Alex will be joining you LIVE to answer all your questions and shed a little light on the songs... Don't miss it!

A Record For Our Time: Write Brothers’ Testament To Spencer Bohren

Sunday, Jul 26, 2020
by | Offbeat Magazine

Spencer Bohren came from the open sky and the cold hard realities of prairie fundamentalism.

His early life was a routine of relentless sun, strong winds, drenching rains and miracle springs after dusky winters that froze your soul. Surrounded by God’s creation and the abundance of nature, he grew within a discipline meant to keep the darkness outside of the campfire’s glow at bay. But Spencer was always attracted to the mysterious shadows beyond the safety of the firelight, compelled to plumb their secrets. Maybe that’s why he became one of America’s premier storytellers, a soul whose...

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Into the Sky

New album by the Write Brothers

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Write Brothers are very pleased to announce the release of their new album entitled “Into the Sky” on Threadhead Records. Including a host of new original Write Brothers songs, as well as reinterpretations of some old favorites, the new album features the production, arranging and drumming of auxiliary brother André Bohren. Sadly brother Spencer Bohren was taken from us in the middle of recording, but we were able to capture his final performances on record. Paul, Jim, Alex and André hope you are as thrilled with the results as they are…

The Write Brothers: Crescent City Collaboration

Tuesday, Aug 4, 2015
by | No Depression

Names like Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew, Allen Toussaint, Earl King, and Dr. John a.k.a. Mac Rebennack come to mind when talking about hit songs emanating from New Orleans. Over the past few years, however, the biggest hits from a Big Easy songwriter have come from the pen of Jim McCormick.

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Write Bros "First Flight" Reviewed

Monday, Jul 20, 2015
by | Nola Defender

When I first heard of this project, I wondered if it would ever happen! Getting some of the best songwriters and musicians in New Orleans to record an album together, putting their talents on tracks and their egos on the side, would be no easy feat. But Spencer Bohren, Jim McCormick, Alex McMurray and Paul Sanchez a.k.a. the Write Brothers managed to put together "First Flight" this winter. I've listened to every track, note and word and offer this as my humble opinion.

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Nola.com: Write Brothers told good musical stories at French Quarter Fest 2015

Friday, Apr 10, 2015
by | New Orleans Times Picayune - Nola.com

French Quarter Fest 2015 dished up a perfect Friday afternoon (April 10) for the four New Orleans songwriters -- Spencer Bohren, Jim McCormick, Alex McMurray and Paul Sanchez -- who team up as The Write Brothers band.

The Tropical Isle Hand Grenade Stage, set on the New Orleans riverfront, proved an intimate, acoustically satisfying setting for a show where the lyrics were as important as the foursome's energetic guitar arrangements. But this setting was so much better than that: a sweeping view of Algiers Point and the Mississippi River, which put most stadium light shows to shame. It...

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Offbeat Magazine Cover Story!


Monday, Mar 2, 2015
by | Offbeat Magazine

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Jim McCormick is sitting in his Metairie living room late at night channel surfing. He stops at the George Harrison documentary, watches for a while, drifting in and out of half-sleep. Gradually, the bearded George morphs into Jesus and reaches out from the TV set to command McCormick: “You will form a band…a band of brothers. You will call it…the Righteous Brothers, scratch that, that name’s taken…make it the Right Brothers, but spelled W-R-I-T-E…”


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Tourworthy.com write up


Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015
by | tourworthy.com

Another great article about The Write Brothers!


The buzz is building down here in New Orleans around the city’s first songwriters supergroup, The Write Brothers. Last month’s local debut at Chickie Wah Wah was well received, leading one of the city’s premier sit-down clubs, Snug Harbor, to book them for a follow-up performance. The rapport Jim McCormick, Spencer Bohren, Paul Sanchez and Alex McMurray demonstrate in live performance is likely to make the quartet a strong draw at small theaters and clubs around the country...


Write Brothers New Orleans Debut!

Friday, Jan 16, 2015

The Write Brothers have recorded and released a new CD, “First Flight,” featuring seven new compositions written by the brothers together, as well as four gems from their back catalogs. They are making their New Orleans Debut January 17 at Chickie Wah Wah at 8pm.

The Write Brothers played their first ever show at Pensacola’s WUWF’s Radio Live in January to a capacity crowd of standing room only!

The brothers will be performing at the French Quarter Festival and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival later this year!